Plow drivers profiting off of March nor’easters

By: Chloe Leshner


BLACKSTONE, Mass. (WLNE) — With so many storms, plow drivers have been on call basically all month. Yet again today, they were getting their trucks ready for another batch of snow. Drivers have been putting in overtime keeping streets clear storm after storm. And this month has been great for business.

In Blackstone, plow drivers with BZ Leaf Lifters were filling their trucks up with salt and getting shovels and snow blowers on board to head out and take care of their 80 clients. They mainly clear driveways and walkways at medical facilities, condos and restaurants, keeping up with every inch of snow that falls. The goal for today is just to keep drive-able paths clear, holding off on parking lots until tomorrow.
On the fourth storm of the month, you’d think the drivers would be sick and tired of it, but its actually quite the opposite.

"We really never know what we’re going to get, we average 50 inches but some years like 2015, we got 97 inches which was awesome, for me. But March was a late surprise, it’s not a disappointment, we could be doing landscaping and tree service but snow is a lot more fun and a lot more profitable so that’s why we’re all happy about it," says Zachary Zielinski with BZ Leaf Lifters.

While snow removal may be more profitable, Zielinski says because most of the snow this year has been wet and heavy, this winter has really taken a toll on the trucks and a lot of the money they’re making is going right back into fixing the equipment.

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