Plumbing fiascoes following record-breaking cold

By: Rebecca Turco


NEW BEDFORD, Mass. – Problems continue for businesses and homeowners across southern New England, as many are still dealing with burst pipes.

Cyclone Cleaning Services out of New Bedford has been fielding dozens of calls since Saturday. “When it’s below zero, you’re going to get broken pipes,” explained owner Anthony David.

One of his worst customers of the weekend: Bristol Community College’s New Bedford campus, where a sprinkler system burst in the lobby Monday night.

“It was like a waterfall, just literally flowing water,” explained Dean James Daniels, recounting what the security guard on-duty at the time saw. “Maybe one to two inches of water were on the floor, so you were actually walking in a puddle.”

With excess water comes concerns over mold taking hold, but David says not to worry, as long as you follow procedure. “If you can get to the situation properly and quickly, there won’t be a mold issue,” he explained. “[Mold] takes time, it takes moisture. It has to sit for a bit.”

At Saint Mary’s Parish Center in Dartmouth, there is a worry over mold growing, after a pipe burst spread water all across the club room. So much so, the floor and carpet underneath will need to be pulled up. “No heat gets up into the attic, so the pipe was so cold so quickly and thawed so quickly – boom, that’s what happened,” Rev. Rodney Thibault explained.

To make matters worse, the parish center had a similar problem, a year ago, almost to the day. “We had one pipe burst on the opposite end of the building,” Thibault said. “So we did a lot of work and it looks like we still have a lot more to do on this side of the building.”

The laminate floor and carpet underneath will need to be pulled up after the water is vacuumed out.

Both the parish center and the community college campus will be open in the interim. Thibault said the church is looking into an alternate room to use for larger group meetings, like Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous.

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