Police: Johnston Officers Not The Same After Brutal Murder

Chief Deputy of the Johnston Police Department David DeCesare says the moral of the department has changed since the brutal murder on Sunday. DeCesare says the usual “buzz” in the station isn't there and officers are not themselves.

He says once the investigation has wrapped up, he'll determine if a counselor is needed to deal with the officers emotional distress.

The murder, which 52-year-old Donald Greenslit confessed to, has been called the most gruesome crime the department has ever seen. Greenslit told police a physical altercation between him and his 39-year-old girlfriend Stacie Dorego, led to him stabbing her in self defense. He later cut up her body using power tools, wrapped the parts in cloth, and burned them in the basement fireplace.

Greenslit sits at the ACI awaiting his next court date at the end of January. He's been charged with six offenses and been ordered no contact with the couples two children. The judge ordered in court Tuesday that he not email, write, or call the 5 and 3 year old. The kids were upstairs at the time of the gruesome murder. Greenslit was charged with child abuse for exposing them to smoke inhalation, causing a significant risk of death.