Police Believe String Of Taunton Robberies Connected

The search is on for a very busy robber in Taunton after four hold ups in three days. Police say it is the way in which these stores were held up that has them convinced it is the same man.

At all four of the stores a man walked in and held up a note to the clerks demanding money or else.

“It's crazy, especially at four places at once. I can't believe it. Especially in Taunton,” Christine Auclair said.

Auclair is on edge after hearing about the string of robberies because she is a cashier at a business just around the corner for the CVS on Winthrop Street where police say a man walked in Tuesday night and held up a note demanding cash.

“I work behind the counter with money,” Auclair said. “It's terrifying to know that they can just walk in one day and hand you a slip.”

Three miles and one hour later, a similar slip of paper was shown to two female clerks at the Cumberland Farms on Broadway. The note read, “Give me all your cash and no one gets hurt.”

“He didn't say one word, but had a knife pointed at her,” Eric Reese, a friend of one of the cashiers who was held up, said.

Reese says his friend is so scared that she is not sure if she wants to come back to work.

The threatening notes have also popped up at two more robberies in Taunton. There was a note shown at Walgreens on Broadway Sunday night and at the Rite Aid on Dean Street Monday night.

As long as police have no one in custody, Auclair says she is worried she could be next.

“I'm scared that one day it's going to happen,” Auclair said. “That they're just going to come up with a note and say hey, we want your money.”