Police: Deported felon re-entered US illegally, sold fentanyl

44-year-old Helpis Delacruz is facing several charges out of Cranston after police say he hid fentanyl inside his buttocks and gave police false documentation.

But he’s also facing federal ICE charges.

In 1998, he was convicted on drug charges and deported.

Police say he came back into the country illegally, and used an alias, before being arrested again Tuesday.

“We requested bail be set on our charge, and [ICE agents] were in constant communication with our detectives,” said Cranston Police Chief Colonel Michael Winquist. ICE agents arrested Delacruz outside of court following his arraignment.

There’s no saying whether other police departments in the state would’ve communicated with ICE in the same way. But Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has made clear his department is cooperating with them.

“Cranston is not a sanctuary city. We certainly will be cooperating with federal law enforcement and we did the right thing in this instance,” Fung said.

Other cities won’t. Central Falls and Providence are suing the Department of Justice and sacrificing thousands in federal funding, saying they won’t enforce federal immigration law.

“The success of policing and of our diverse community is at stake,” said Central Falls Mayor James Diossa at a press conference in August.

Colonel Winquist says he doesn’t think that’s the case in Cranston.

“We do not question witnesses or victims of crime, we don’t ask them for their immigration status.”

Central Falls and Providence Police Departments haven’t received federal money called the Byrne-JAG Award for the past two years. Their lawsuit is hoping to change that. Cranston still receives theirs.

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