Police seize gun, pound of pot after Narragansett car chase

By: Elisha Kay Aldrich

News Staff

Two men were arrested after a car chase in Narragansett Wednesday.

21-year-old Derek Messier and 25-year-old Ynsfrain Pena were suspects in a possible assault after a 21-year-old female reported the pair robbed her and hit her with a gun when she resisted.

Police became involved in a pursuit with the suspects as they were fleeing from Bonnet Shores neighborhood. During the chase, a hand gun was thrown from the suspects’ vehicle. When stopped, police also recovered another firearm and a pound of marijuana for the car.

Police believe the initial robbery was drug related.

Messier and Pena were arraigned in the 4th District Court on charges of robbery, narcotics, weapons, and conspiracy charges. Pena was also charged with reckless driving. The suspects will be held without bail until a status review on March 23.