Police investigate 4-car crash in North Providence

By News Staff


Smith Street in North Providence was blocked off for hours Thursday night as police investigated a violent four-car crash. 

The accident happened near the intersection of Smith Street and Whipple Avenue around 4:30 p.m. Debris and glass were visible throughout the roadway from the three cars and one van that were involved.

Witnesses, including the owner of the ice cream shop, Cool Licks, tell ABC6 News that several people were seriously injured in the crash.

Police say the victim's suffered from non-life threatening injuries. 

"It was like a bomb. And then we saw the grey car speeding. I guess we thought that she pressed the gas instead of the break… We were shocked. Even the customer that was at the window ran the opposite way,"says Emily Lysikatos, owner of Cool Licks.

Police aren't saying what caused the crash and haven't released the victim's names. 

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