Police investigate illegal dumping in Rehoboth stream

By: News Staff

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REHOBOTH, Mass. (WLNE) — Local authorities are investigating reports of the illegal dumping of large amounts of debris into a stream near Perryville Road.

Rehoboth Police responded to a report around 1:18 p.m. Saturday from a resident of Perryville Road of someone dumping debris off the bridge into the stream below. Upon arrival, officers found a large amount of tires, buckets and other debris that appear to have originated from a truck or automotive repair shop. 

The Rehoboth Fire Department examined the materials and determined there was "little to no environmental impact." The debris were removed from the stream. and transported to the Rehoboth Highway Department garage. 

The debris contained approximately a dozen used passenger vehicle type tires, several large capped and empty plastic containers of heavy duty diesel motor oil, anti-freeze and hydraulic fluid.

The incident is under investigation by the Rehoboth Police Department. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the Rehoboth Police Department at 508-252-3722.

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