Police Investigate New Bedford Homicide

Neighbors in New Bedford are trying to figure out how a dead body ended up in one of their backyards. Police said it looks like the man was murdered.

They don't know who killed 33 year old Melvin Pina of New Bedford. Neighbors think he was part of an overnight rave in an abandoned factory next door.        

Police went in and out of the factory all afternoon Saturday, which is basically across the street from where Pina's body was found. Neighbors said they saw a big group of people leaving the factory with glow sticks hours earlier.

Officers searched the backyard of 73 Bates Street for any clues. That's where they found Melvin Pina of New Bedford dead Saturday morning.

“It's just a terrible thing and all over somebody having a party,” said neighbor Aja DeSousa, “And I couldn't imagine any of this happening.”

DeSousa lives just across the street from where officers say Pina was killed. She thinks his death has something to do with a rave going on in a nearby factory overnight.

“They were having some after hour parties in the factory down the bottom of the street and there was an altercation,” said DeSousa.

“About 50 of them leaving with glow sticks and from what I heard somebody was stabbed and crawled in to somebody's back yard and they found a dead body in the backyard this morning,” said neighbor Courtney Marden.

Marden and other neighbors looked on as officers came in and out of the abandoned part of this factory all day. Police trying to piece together how Pina was killed.

Neighbors know this area is prone to car break-ins and graffiti, but they said a homicide scene in their backyards is hard to watch.

“You know it's just horrible,” said Manny Carvalho, “It's sad you know what happened. I don't know why there's so much hate in this world.”

Neighbors said there have been parking lot fires and break ins at the old factory in the past.