Police investigating after several vehicles reported stolen from Riverside neighborhood

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Police in East Providence are investigating after several vehicles were reported stolen from a neighborhood in Riverside.

According to Det. Capt. Jim Nelson of the East Providence Police Department, four vehicles were reported stolen from Lakeside Circle and surrounding streets, and so far only one has been recovered.

“The car was fairly new and had one of the apps within it, it was able to get the GPS location at it and it was found in Providence,” Nelson said.

Surveillance video from numerous homes in the neighborhood shows a group of people walking down the street, and in other shots, getting out of vehicles and walking across yards.

Nelson said detectives are sorting through that footage to help identify the suspects.

Residents were surprised to hear of what happened in their quiet neighborhood.

“It’s kinda shocking to see something of this magnitude come through here,” said Erica Wall.

Wall is one of the lucky ones. She said her husband’s Jeep was broken into, but they didn’t notice if anything was stolen.

“We had noticed that my husband’s car had been tampered with, and we went into his Jeep…we noticed a flashlight that’s not ours.”

Others, like Scott Beer, weren’t as lucky.

“First thing is shock, you know. It’s like, where did it go? I don’t remember moving it,” said Beer, who’s lived in the neighborhood for six years.

He said he and his wife dropped off their children at daycare on Monday morning, not looking to check if their cars were all there. When they came home, they noticed their Lincoln was missing.

“Ironically, I’m a night owl and it was the one night I went to sleep early, so it was like the stars aligned and the car was gone.”

Beer said the key fob was left inside the vehicle, and he now hopes others will learn from his mistake.

“Even if you feel like you’re in a safe place, it’s always good to lock your car and take the keys out. The unfortunate night where our key was in the car…that’s the one night,” he said. “Every car on our block, the cars were unlocked, so they went through the glove compartments, they went through the center consoles, they looked for the keys…spare money, things like that, and then unfortunately for us, the key was there so that was one of the ones that got taken.”

A day after this incident, a string of car break-ins were reported in Swansea. Police have not yet said whether or not the two are connected.

East Providence Police are stepping up patrols in neighborhoods during the overnight hours. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the police at 401-435-7600.

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