Police investigating Dropbox full of explicit photos of Burrillville HS students

By Kirsten Glavin



BURRILLVILLE, RI – According to court documents obtained by ABC6 News Wednesday, Burrillville Police are investigating a secret Dropbox account shared by Burrillville High School students, containing nude photos of female high school students.

The affidavit states that a juvenile male student was questioned by school administration, who later provided a shared Dropbox link to the account.  In it was 48 individual subfolders, most of which were named as a female student’s full name.  Within each folder was between one and fourteen photos and/or videos of that teenage girl.

Police believe all of the named female students were under 18 years old.

ABC6 News spoke with Burrillville High School graduates Wednesday afternoon, who said that the account, of other versions of the Dropbox account, have been around for years.

One former student who wanted to remain anonymous, graduated in 2014 from Burrillville High School.  He said he learned of the photos his Junior or Senior year through word of mouth.

"They thought they were foolproof. ‘Alright, we’re just going to pass around this password and username, and no one’s going to find it,” he said.

He explained that the male students would try to convince girls to take nude photos, and then send them.

"They try to get it to a point of let me see if I can get her to send pictures, and if they do, then they share them with their buddies."

ABC6 News spoke to another Burrillville High school grad through facebook.  She, also wanting to remain anonymous, graduated in 2015 and said she knew about the Dropbox account too.

She wrote in part:
“This has been going on for years in Burrillville. I graduated in 2015 and when I was in school this was happening.  Girls send sexually explicit photos to boys. Sometimes it’s probably their boyfriend, other times it’s not.  These all get added into the Dropbox and the username and password gets passed around to the guys.”

Inspector Michael Bouchard wrote in his report that the scope of the investigation has been set at a range, beginning January 1st 2016 to May 25th, 2017.  The files ranged from over 12 months old to about 1 week prior to when the investigation began on May 25th, 2017.