Police investigating former candidate’s testimony aimed at state rep.

A former State Senate hopeful has some explaining to do regarding her passionate late night testimony over an abortion bill, prompting a state representative to call the police.

At first glance, Melanie Dupont’s words seemed like a direct threat toward Rep. Gregory Constantino, but Dupont insists it was all satire.

The former Senate candidate for District 22 addressed the House Judiciary Committee late Tuesday regarding the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Act, a bill Constantino co-sponsored.

Dupont told ABC 6 that the bill is an attack on women’s rights.

“Any time that my state representative Gregory J. Constantino tries to abridge my rights as a woman and endanger my life, I, Melanie Dupont should return the favor, and try to abridge his rights as a man and endanger his rights,” Dupont said to the committee.

Dupont went on to refer to the bill as the ‘Testicular Fairness Act.’

“I thought it would be great to highlight how dangerous this bill is for women by making amendments to it that would also be dangerous for men,” Dupont told ABC 6 by phone. 

Rep. Constantino contacted Rhode Island State Police, and the agency confirmed it is investigating.

Dupont said troopers visited her at work.

“It was satire,” she said.

Dupont is currently volunteering as the secretary of the women’s caucus of the Rhode Island Democratic Party.

But Rep. Joseph McNamara who is the chair of the party denounced the testimony and is calling on the caucus to take action against Dupont.

“It is a crime to physically threaten an elected official,” he said. “Taking it too far is an understatement. She committed a felony.”

McNamara added that he wants police to prosecute Dupont “to the full extent of the law.”

Dupont said that she called out Constantino because she did not want him to sponsor the bill, and for that, she believes the representative owes her an apology.

Rep. Constantino told ABC 6 he called police because he was fearful for his family.

State Police did not say if Dupont will face charges.