Police Investigating Possible Intentional Hit-and-Run Accident

A teen in New Bedford was injured during a hit-and-run accident that happened just after 1:30 p.m. Monday.

The accident took place on Acushnet Avenue and Spring Street in New Bedford.  Police are investigating the incident as witnesses tell ABC6 News the accident appeared to be on purpose.

Police say they're looking for 34 year-old Attim Almeida, a well-known former member of the Monte Park gang who served 8 years in prison for manslaughter beginning in 2002.  They believe the motive for the incident is that a passenger in the car driven by Almeida didn't want her daughter dating the 18 year-old victim.

His injuries are described as minor but it's not clear if he's been released from the hospital yet.

ABC6 Reporter Malini Basu has that story.