Police investigating two cats shot in Woonsocket

By: Liz Tufts


WOONSOCKET, R.I. – Nicole Nixon and her 3-year-old daughter are holding onto their new kitten a little bit tighter these days after their other cat Oreo disappeared last month.

Nixon soon found Oreo and another cat dead near her Woonsocket home. Both had been shot with a pellet gun.

“It’s like a dream; I’m ready to wake up. I can’t understand how somebody could shoot two innocent cats,” said Nicole Nixon.

Nixon called her neighbor Laurie Nagrotti her cat had disappeared as well.

“My heart sank I was sick over it,” said Nixon.

It turns out the other animal that was shot was her cat named P2.

Nagrotti took the animal to a hospital in Connecticut to get some answers.

“It was a bullet wound, pretty extensive damage to her heart, her lungs, it was pretty clear that’s what it was,” said Laurie Nagrotti.

Nixon’s cat was taken to the RISPCA where they did x-rays of their own and they too found a bullet in Oreo’s chest.

Woonsocket Police are now investigating.

“I’m afraid for all the other cats in this neighborhood. If someone is shooting animals it can now be just a matter of time before there’s another one,” said Nagrotti

The two women say their hearts are broken, and they just hope whoever pulled the trigger is caught.

“We need to find out who this is, and bring them to justice, we’re all feeling a little uneasy right now,” said Nagrotti.

The RISPCA is now offering a $500 dollar reward for any information.

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