Police looking for vandals who shot up downtown North Attleboro with BB guns

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) — Police in North Attleboro are trying to track down the culprits responsible for shooting a number of cars, houses and businesses in the downtown area with a BB gun.

Police say nearly a dozen incidents were reported to them Monday. 

“I was befuddled more than anything,” said resident James Henley, whose Honda Pilot had two windows blown out.

“The passenger side looks fine and I didn’t suspect anything,” Henley explained to ABC 6. “I round the corner, see all the glass, look up at the windows and think, ‘Really? This is how I’m going to start my day.’”

Police say 4 other cars were hit on East Street as well as a number of houses on Grant and Elm Streets.

JD’s Restaurant on North Washington Street was also struck by 5 pellets in its front window. Luckily the restaurant was closed at the time.

“Obviously, I’d like to see [the culprits] arrested,” said Henley. “I’d like to see them caught. I don’t want to see them doing this another night and hurting other people’s vehicles or property.”

Police are now reviewing surveillance footage from downtown businesses to try and identify a suspect. They are also asking anyone with a doorbell camera to bring their footage to them for review. 

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