Police: Man points gun at 5 girls walking home from school

By News Staff


A Providence man was arrested after being accused of pointing a gun at children who were walking home from school Tuesday.

The suspect, 23-year-old Michael Rosario, was arrested Thursday morning in Mount Hope.

Five girls, no older than 14 years old, say they were walking home from Martin Luther King Elementary School when they saw Rosario point a gun at them and laugh with his friend. 

"It’s just another illustration that it’s a dangerous world, and it scares me to death that my kids were at school when not too far away, someone had a gun," said Destiny Newell, a Martin Luther King Elementary School parent.

Rosario was out on bail at the time on a charge of illegally possession a firearm. 

"I hope that they find out what the reason is behind it and give this individual some help. Because apparently he needs it," said Brian Hardy, a concerned grandfather.

According to police, the girls were able to identify him. Rosario was taken into custody at Superior Court where he was scheduled for his pre-trial conference on the illegal gun case. 

He’s now charged with five counts of felony assault.  

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