Police, neighbors want Providence nightclub shut down

Neighbors are up in arms. They're asking the city to shut down a Providence nightclub for good. Six people were stabbed at “Level II” nightclub over the weekend in a violent fight that spilled onto the streets. The club is already closed temporarily.

It's not just neighbors pushing for “Level II” nightclub to close. Police are too. They said the violent fights and stabbings there this weekend were so bad, they had to call in every cruiser on the force. That's unheard of.

The “Level II” nightclub has been forced to shut down before, and now neighbors said the violence needs to stop once and for all.

“It's basically a war zone there on weekends,” said neighbor Arthur Salisbury, “The overcrowding, shootings, stabbings, the physical damage they do to our property and our cars.”

The city ordered an emergency shut-down at the club this time last year, after an Easter morning shooting. Now, it's closed for an Easter morning stabbing, where six people were hurt in a violent fight that spilled into the streets.

“I think it got out of control,” said Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare, “It was two thirty. It was dark. The music was going, and now there's chaos.”

Pare said what happened at “Level II” is unheard of. He had to call in every police cruiser, about 40 of them, and even they could barely control the crowd of hundreds.

“When you mix weapons, knives and guns, along with alcohol and it's two thirty in the morning bad things happen, so the city will be doing something about this,” said Commissioner Pare.

Pare said fining club owners or forcing them to put in metal detectors could help, but neighbors and people who work in the area said at this point, that's not enough.

“They do minor things on Federal Hill and they get shut down,” said neighbor Salisbury, “Here, they stab people and shoot people and they close them for two days.”

“I walked through alone and I've been confronted by like eight people at once,” said neighbor Greg Chihoski, “I mean I'd be scared if I was the cops.”

Club owner Gaetano Gravino stayed silent at a meeting Monday about “Level II's” license.      He wouldn't give us a comment, either would his lawyers.

The licensing board was supposed to hear arguments from police and club owners Monday.      It got pushed to Wednesday because club owners weren't ready. Also this week, the owners will have to answer to charges they let in double their capacity one night last year.