Police: New Bedford Sexual Assaults Similar

By Dana Griffin


NEW BEDFORD, MA- New Bedford police think the same man is responsible for two sexual assaults, happening about a week apart.

The first assault happened on July 7th at 2 AM. A 30–year-old woman was walking to her car near Brock Avenue.  The suspect came up from behind, pushed her into the car, and fondled her underneath her clothes.

Last Friday, the same thing happened again. This attack was around midnight on Hamilton Street. The victim's car was parked there and once again, the suspect pushed her into her vehicle, fondled her and then took off.

“It's not like years ago when you could trust and say hi to everybody. Now you don't even want to say hi to anybody when you walk down the street,” said New Bedford Resident, Michele Santos.

Nicole Guy stated, “To me, it doesn't matter what the town looks like, what type of feeling you get. I'm just always cautious. I also have two kids so I'm just kind of a little but paranoid, so the news doesn't really surprise me.”