Police: Providence hit-and-run kills 74-year-old grandmother

By Kirsten Glavin



 PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Candles burned brightly Monday night in memory of 74– year–old Theresa Fernandez, who was struck and killed Sunday evening, walking across Broadway Street in Providence.  Her granddaughter was also injured, but did survive.

"I noticed that two police had pulled up across the street of Almy and Broadway, and had blocked it off,” explained Christopher Devinn, a manager of Broadway Mart across the street.

He told ABC-6 that the area is notorious for jay walking, and that a lack of crosswalks is a big safety issue for people in the Federal Hill area.

"As a pedestrian I know you can really take your chance even crossing legally, let alone trying to cross in a place where it’s not really indicated,” Devinn said.

Just down the block, Broadway Liquors was also open at the time.

"I left the liquor store, looked down the street and there was a bunch of sirens,” said Jeremy Joubert, an employee at the liquor store.  He and another employee said the owner does have surveillance footage.  "He does have cameras set up that point down the street…." said Joubert.

But workers were not authorized to hand it over.  They affirmed that police will look through it, in the hopes of identifying the vehicle involved.

Meanwhile, the community continued to mourn the loss, Monday night.  "It just amazes me that somebody, or a person, would strike something, or in this case two people, and just keep going,” said Devinn.

This matter is currently under investigation.  Anyone with information is asked to please contact Officer Joseph Amoroso of the Traffic Bureau at 401-243-6293.

Police say they expect to review video footage from security cameras in the immediate vicinity.