Police say man wanted for shoplifting hit 2 police cruisers

Michael Lunsmann, 36

By The Associated Press


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Coventry police say a man hit two police cruisers during a chase after stealing a television from Walmart.

Police say 36-year-old Michael Lunsmann, of Warwick, was charged with felony assault with a dangerous weapon, cocaine possession, felony shoplifting, resisting arrest and driving with a suspending license.

Police headed to Walmart on Thursday night after it was reported that a vehicle wanted in connection with a shoplifting earlier that day had returned.          

Police say Lunsmann left Walmart and they pursued him. When two police cruisers tried to box him in, he accelerated, striking a patrol vehicle.

They say Lunsmann struck a second cruiser before he was apprehended. They say he kicked at the cruiser’s windows.

One cruiser was damaged.                     

It’s unclear if Lunsmann is represented by a lawyer.

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