Suspect in Providence murder facing charges

By: News Staff


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – 60-year-old Wayne Lee lived near the corner of Pine and Stewart streets with his girlfriend. In the early morning hours of August 6, police say the couple got in an argument.

Major David Lapatin says she called her son, who came over with his son, to remove Lee from the house.

The son, Richard Price, and grandson, Richard Ramos, tried to get Lee out of the house – when a fight broke out, spilling onto the sidewalk where police later found Lee lying face down. His face was bloody and swollen, and he had slashes on his arm.

"We believe there were weapons involved – maybe sticks or clubs, or maybe sharp instruments," said Lapatin.

A passerby who called 911 tells police he saw two men standing over Lee. Then one of the men swung a pool cue at his car, and other cars, making threats.

Police later found a bloodied pool cue in a van outside the home, and blood on the stairs and inside the apartment.

9 days after the alleged assault, Lee died of his injuries, and police attempted to charge Price and Ramos.

Last week Ramos was arrested at work, but Price ran from detectives.

Price turned himself in on Tuesday, August 21, at the Rhode Island Public Defenders Office, at which time Providence Police were notified. 

Richard Price was charged with first degree murder and held without bail.

His next scheduled appearance in court will be in September. 

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