Police seize over $80,000 in suspected stolen tires and rims

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EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I (WLNE) – An investigation is ongoing after East Providence Police reported the seizure of more than $80,000 in suspected stolen tires on Sunday.

According to police, at approximately 5:00 a.m, the East Providence Fire Department responded to 912 Broadway for a fire alarm.  While on scene, the fire department noticed multiple building code violations. The East Providence Fire Marshal’s office was notified, and the violations were confirmed. 

The East Providence Building Inspector’s office was also notified. 

The Fire Marshal and Building Inspector ordered the building be closed for safety violations. 

It was during their walk through of the property, they noticed a large amount of tires and rims stored away in two separate garage bays. The East Providence Police were contacted.

Patrol officers responded on scene and confirmed a significant amount of tires and rims were stored in the area. According to police, many of these tires appeared brand new. 

Detectives interviewed multiple people associated with the property and a search warrant for the property was obtained.

After executing the search warrant, more than 150 suspected stolen tires and rims were seized from the property, with an estimated value in excess of $80,000.

Police urge people who have been victims of tire and rim theft to contact their local police department and not the East Providence Police.

East Providence Police will be coordinating with the other police departments. 

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