Police will monitor 4th of July parade through app

Photo: VizSAFE

By Dana Griffin



BRISTOL, RI- For the first time ever, police will use a mobile app to help monitor the longest running 4th of July celebration in America. Thousands are expected to cheer and wave along the red, white, and blue-lined parade route in Bristol.

VizSAFE is a free app, allowing users to snap photos or videos of anything police might need to investigate along the parade route.

Lt. James Annis said, “When you need help, you call 9–1–1. This VizSAFE app is more for if you see something suspicious, not so much an emergency.”

VizSafe President, Peter Mottur said, “Our smart technology recognizes the user’s location and can be set by the user to follow them wherever they go; keeping them in touch with other concerned citizens and those responsible for public safety in the communities they pass through.”

Police will be monitoring it all day. Users can also see areas that have been reported. Many planning to watch the festivities say they’re willing to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement.

“Something could go wrong. We hope not, but hopefully the app will be available to people who can make a quick call and that would be a good thing,” said John Brooks.

Diane Mariani said, “I think everyone, I think we’re all responsible or everyone around us.”

Brian Franklin said, “Why not? Having an app that everyone pretty much has access to makes it a lot safer.”

After events like the Boston Marathon bombings, police say they’ve learned to be more aware by taking preventative measures to help ensure a safer environment.

There are no targeted or specific areas of concern. Bristol police say in previous years the biggest issue was disorderly conduct.

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