Poll: 82% of Rhode Islanders unhappy with state leaders

Dee DeQuaattro


Twitter: @deedequattro

A new poll commissioned by the Bryant University's Hassenfeld Institute shows that 82% of Rhode Islanders are unhappy with the state's leadership.

Of the 438 voters who took the poll conducted by Fleming Associates most said the state's leadership was fair or poor, 2% said it is excellent and only 14% said it was good. The remaining 2% were undecided.

The poll is part of a new initiative called JOB ONE: LEADERSHIP, by the Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership, the Providence Journal, and Rhode Island PBS.

“Voters need to focus like a laser on the ability of office seekers to be effective and Visionary leaders,” said Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership Founder Gary Sasse.

The poll also revealed that the most important leadership quality to voters is integrity although only 23% of respondents though Rhode Island state officials faired good or excellent in this area. People were more hopeful about their individual city and town leaders with 53% of poll takers saying their local leaders had integrity.

Going forward JOB ONE: LEADERSHIP will ask gubernatorial candidates specific questions regarding leadership that will be made available to voters. In the fall the initiative will publish a “Voters' Guide for Effective Leadership,” to help voters measure the leadership skills of candidates on key issues including problem solving, fiscal management, ability to lead, communication, and responsiveness.

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