Polls show Sanders and Clinton neck and neck in RI

The race on the Democrats’ side is unexpectedly tight here in Rhode Island.

Polls show front runner Hillary Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders as neck and neck. There are a total of 33 delegates up for grabs in the Ocean State on the Democrat side, though 9 super delegates have already been declared in support of Clinton.

Both candidates have made a massive effort here over the past few weeks. Both Clinton and Sanders held huge rallies over the weekend.

Bill Clinton has also campaigned in the state twice on behalf of his wife.

The latest Brown Poll does show Clinton with a slight lead though the director of the Taubman Center says when you look closely the race is basically tied.

"As soon as you dive into the weeds you discover that it is actually neck and neck probably too close to call. That’s because when you look at democrats Hillary’s got it she’s doing but when you look at independents Sanders is beating Clinton two to one. And, here’s the great wild card we found 16 percent undecided who are they? What they are they are two to one independents and the independents are breaking for Sanders,” said Jim Morone.

Rhode Island is the only one of the 5 state’s voting Tuesday that allows Independent voters to cast ballots on either the Democrat or Republican side.