Porch pirate arrested after string of thefts in Pawtucket

A porch pirate in Pawtucket picked the wrong neighborhood to dabble in after police arrested a woman in connection to a string of thefts in the area.

Police say Tracy Veveiros, 38, of Pawtucket turned herself in Monday morning thanks to neighborhood surveillance.

Pawtucket Police received multiple reports of stolen packages around the Power Road neighborhood on Nov. 26 and Nov. 27.

They were able to identify Veveiros through surveillance video and a warrant was issued for her arrest on Nov. 28. Veveiros turned herself in Monday morning.

Although police were able to catch the alleged crook, neighbors are still a bit on edge, saying they will be taking extra precautions this holiday season.

“It’s the first time I started doing online shopping. I was a little leery about it,” said Pawtucket resident Billy Rebelee. “Maybe going to the mall now. I don’t want to but it doesn’t over concern me because we watch out for what’s going on but you still don’t know.”

“Makes you kind of want to go to the brick and mortar stores to get all your goods you need, especially for Christmas,” said Jordan Alzate, a Pawtucket man who does a lot of online shopping.

Veveiros was charged with two counts of larceny.

She was arraigned Monday and released on personal recognizance.