Portsmouth parents warned of snorting Smarties trend among kids

By: Alexandra Cowley


A dangerous new trend with the popular candy, Smarties has hit a local middle school. Instead of eating them, kids are snorting them

It's something happening across the nation. Videos are all over YouTube. Kids crushing the candy and inhaling it. The bizarre trend is happening at Portsmouth Middle School. Parents recieved an email alert this week, not knowing whether to laugh, or be worried about how harmful it can be to their children's health.

As soon as the principal at Portsmouth Middle school found out it was happening with his students, he immediately sent an email to parents.

“well I got the email last night and I was pretty amazed never heard of such a thing,” said parent Bruce Digennaro.

“Actually I thought it was a little bit amusing, but as I read more into it and I found out it's on YouTube it is actually quite concerning,” said Adrian Markey.

The parents we spoke to weren't sure how to react to the peculiar past time.

Digennaro said, “They laugh about it, they say that they've heard of kids doing it, but they don't imply that it's a big problem or that its something that a lot of people do.”

The motivation behind the crushing and snorting of the Smarties, isn't immediately known, but the harmful effects are real.

Rebecca Boss, an administrator with the states behavior healthcare department, says parents should always look for unusual behavior in their childrren, and search text messages as well.

“Anytime you snort or inhale a substance into your lungs that is not meant to be it is definitely hazardous to your health and could have significant health consequences for individuals,”said Boss.

Portsmouth's principal declined an interview but did tell ABC 6 news the Smarties snorting wasn't a huge problem, but certainly one parents should be aware of.

“Any changes in behavior is definitely an indication that the child is doing something they may not want the parent to know about,” said Boss.

Some of the negative side effects of snorting smarties include infection, scarring of the nasal cavity, and even maggots feeding on the sugary dust left inside the nose.

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