Pot Dabbing: A growing trend in RI

A growing trend for marijuana smokers has substance abuse prevention advocates worried here in Rhode Island.

Nancy DeNuccio, the chair the Ocean State Prevention Alliance, says she's hearing more and more about the trend of pot dabbing.

It's a process where the active ingredient in marijuana is turned into a wax like substance. It is then heated in small dabs and inhaled.

"You know you could smoke a joint and the THC concentrate in that is probably somewhere in the name of 12 to 15 percent when it is concentrated the THC content can go up as high as 95%,” said DeNuccio.

DeNuccio says in addition to the health concerns with consuming higher levels of THC there are also dangers in the way this drug is made and ingested.

"You know we've had a couple of explosions in the state as a result of trying to manufacture butane hash oil and it's something that is an unintended consequence,” said DeNuccio.

A recently released national study on drug use and health places teen use of marijuana in Rhode Island as the highest in the country. DeNuccio says news like this coupled with growing dangerous trends like dabbing need to serve as a wake up call that something needs to be done.

She says more funding on the state level is needed for prevention efforts.

"There's a lot of work that needs to be done,” said DeNuccio.

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