Power outage causes ACI lockdown, DMV closure

By News Staff

Reporting by Ana Bottary


The Cranston ACI had to turn prisoners away Tuesday night after a power outage caused their computer systems to shut down.

The Intake Center lost power around 6:30 p.m., which wasn’t restored until about an hour and a half later when the generator failed to work. Inmates were locked up but became extremely rowdy, according to officials. Two inmates had to be taken to segregation.

The President of the Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers, Richard Ferruccio, says it’s a rare and dangerous occurrence when they lose power and the generator fails.

When this happens, Ferruccio says officers have to manually open and lock doors, which he says the building is not really made for.

"It makes our job that's already dangerous even that much more dangerous. It reduces our response times to be able to deal with situations. Because, like I said, everything that at one point was worked with electricity now has to be worked with a key, and it's a difficult situation for us."

At this time, the Department of Corrections has cancelled all visits with inmates for the rest of the day Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Several state offices at the Pastore Complex were also affected by the outage and were closed Wednesday. The DMV in Cranston was also closed, and the DLT has cancelled all appointments and hearings.

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