School prank turns serious in Swansea

By Abbey Niezgoda

SWANSEA, Mass. – A high school prank turned into a serious offense for five boys in Swansea. They are all facing charges for vandalizing Case High School.

William Boulay, Edward Cellemmee, Bruce Antone, Evan Sousa and Nicholas Griffin appeared as a pack in court Friday after officers caught up with them. Strands of toilet paper are all that is left on the campus, but it is what they did to the doors that turned the crime into a felony.

“They took all of the doors, all of the entrances to the school, and they used bicycle locks to lock all the doors in,” Superintendent Christine Stanton said.

Stanton says that alone could have put the lives of her maintenance workers at risk.

“If one of my men were in the school during this, they would not have been able to get out in case of an emergency,” Stanton said.

She hopes it sends a strong message to students about why breaking the law is no joke.

“We need to remind our youth to please think it through and think of the end result of some of the things that may start out as being funny or a prank.”