Private firm recommends changes to Providence PD

PROVIDENCE, RI (WLNE) – A private firm is recommending changes to the way the Providence Police Department responds to crimes in the city.

This comes after a seven month audit which focused on systemic racism and the budget.

The new audit recommends taking a more strategic approach to deploying police resources.

It also includes reducing unnecessary police responses by designating a non-police entity to respond to non-criminal calls.

“Right now anytime there’s a fender bender accident where there’s minimal damage to cars and no one is injured, we send a police officer to fill out a police report,” Mayor Jorge Elorza said. “This is effectively a public service that we provide for the private insurance companies. Is this the best use of a fully trained police officer?”

The audit also urges residents to continue reporting non-emergency issues to the city’s existing online system. (ex: stolen packages)

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