Problem property in Fall River could be next to close

By Abbey Niezgoda

Infested with bugs and crawling with crime, a boarding house in Fall River is so far gone, it could be shut down and its residents forced out.

Beyond the white picket fences and the cityscape views, there is something crawling on Pine Street in Fall River.

“There's bed bugs and there's cockroaches,” resident Ron Levine said.

The boarding house at 372 Pine Street has been his home for the last few years. There are 17 units and only one working shower. He says there are hardly any working sinks or fire alarms and the bugs crawl out of the rusty floorboards. The people who live there say they have just learned to adapt.

“With cockroaches, you have to leave the light on,” resident Dennis Gosselin said. 
They don't like the light.”

However, the city of Fall River is not so forgiving. They say when sanitation goes down, crime goes up. They will hold a hearing tomorrow to determine whether or not they will pull the license and shut it down completely. 

ABC6 news tried contacting the landlord, David Colville, to see if he would be at the hearing, but his number was out of service.

Some residents are not waiting for the decision, and are already packing up and leaving. 

Colville owns another property in Fall River that was shut down by the city last month. The Mayor says if this one is ordered closed, they will work to assist residents in finding alternative housing.