ProCAP Lays off 20 Employees, Corbishley Officially Terminated

           It's been a rough past couple of months for ProCAP. The non-profit agency built to provide assistance to the neediest people has fired 20 employees. The cuts will save the agency nearly a milion dollars. 

           ProCAP was accused of mismanaging hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars that resulted in the firing of executive director Frank Corbishley, who's contract has now been officially terminated. In his place is interim executive director Frank Shea.  
           “The layoffs announced today were unavoidable and a direct result of the enormous financial strains on ProCAP,” said Shea.
             Since Shea has taken over, the City of Providence has stepped in bailing out ProCAP for 250 thousand dollars. That bailout happened earlier this week, and two days ago, the agency filed for receivership. 
             Chairman of the board of directors for ProCAP, Michael Solomon, says the decision was made by the newly appointed receiver and Shea. He says it's the first step of many towards rebuilding the crumbling agency.
             “This is moving forward you know the programs are still running right now, ProCAP is still offering their heating assistance, so people need to understand that ProCAP is still operating today,” Solomon told ABC 6.
               ProCAP is saving $995,000 from the employee cuts. This will not reduce their 2.2 million of debt.
               Affected employees were notified this afternoon and will receive payment for all accrued vacation time. Employees that were let go came from the Emergency Housing Assistance program and the Weatherization Program, from which the state had rescinded ProCAP's contract. RI Housing has assumed control of the weatherization program and has issued an RFP to find an alternative provider for the Emergency Housing Assistance Program.
               Shea said, “For those services that we will no longer be providing, we will help people engage other service providers to ensure they continue to receive the assistance they need.”