ProCap staff caught shredding documents

A bombshell story coming out of ProCap. Staff members were caught shredding documents this afternoon. Now, the non profit agency is at an even greater risk of shutting down.

The state has already pulled funds from ProCap that would have helped replaced peoples' furnaces and insulation this winter. And if things don't change soon, they'll also lose millions meant to help people pay for their heat.

The executive director of ProCap is suspended. Police and city leaders were called there this afternoon because city officials believe Frank Corbishley and some others were shredding documents. This comes just a week after Corbishley was asked to step down, and his agency was accused of mismanaging hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Officers said they arrived at ProCap around noon. We're told staff who work there actually tipped them off about records being destroyed.

The report said when officers got inside, Executive Director Corbishley was behind two locked doors and didn't respond to police, at first. Investigators collected three bags of shredded paper, one in a secretary's office, another in Corbishley's, and the last in the associate director's office.     

Providence City Council President Michael Solomon was there. He later issued a letter saying Corbishley is immediately suspended pending a board meeting Wednesday.

ProCap has lost nearly two million dollars in state funding and could lose five million more if management doesn't change. Some of that funding has been shifted to another agency, Rhode Island Housing.     

Leaders there tell us they're prepared to step in and help the people who need it.

The new ProCap board, appointed last week by the mayor, will vote on whether to fire Corbishley and possibly others Wednesday.