Driving with dogs may become illegal

We've all seen it a million times, you are driving behind a car and all of a sudden a dog pops his head out the window, or maybe you are passing a car and you see a dog right in the drivers lap.

Now, some local activists have reached out to Cranston Representative Peter Palumbo to make this act illegal. Suzanne Arena was almost hit two times while driving by drivers who had dogs in their laps. Both times she had her passenger snap pictures of the drivers and after posting them to facebook and reading all the responses, she knew she had to do something. She says, “we talk about our cell phones, our cell phones don't move, they don't have legs and arms and people will say oh you know there are people putting on lipstick, they are on their computers. Those people are but those things are stationary.”

The proposed bill won't change being allowed to drive with your dog, according to Palumbo, it is strictly speaking to people who have their dogs on their laps while driving. Passenger riding dogs and backseat riding dogs are fine.

If the bill passes, there will be an $85 fine for the first offence, $100 fine for the second, and $125 fine for subsequent offences.