Proposed Cut to Senior Citizen Meal Program

A proposed cut of 1.5 million dollars to the Elder Nutrition Program in Massachusetts could potentially eliminate almost 250,000 meals throughout the state of senior citizens.

Many seniors rely on their one provided meal a day from the state. Between senior centers and home delivery centers, locally about 1700 seniors receive meals. CEO of Bristol Elder Services, Nancy Munson explains how important these meals are, “for a lot of people this is their only nutritious meal of the day, we also, if you're on that meals on wheels home delivery meals program, we have a driver that goes in and checks on you daily.”

She also says, “nutrition is just so critical to a person aging in a healthy way, that we find that it's so important, that it would be a very bad thing to happen.”

The program only runs on 6 million dollars so the lose of the 1.5 million in funding would be detrimental. The Bristol Elder Service company has already contacted local legislature to work against this proposed cut.