Prosecutors: 2 dead babies found had been alive

By: Samantha Lavien
Twitter: @samanthalavien

Prosecutors believe at least two of the three dead babies found in the so-called Blackstone house of horrors were alive at some point.

Gruesome new details in the case were outlined in court on Tuesday during a pretrial conference for the woman charged in connection with this case, Erika Murray.

The 31-year-old was not in the courtroom. She waived her appearance.

A prosecutor said the infants remains were found in closets of the vermin infested home.

“Two of the three skeletal remains of those babies were clothed they had diapers on,” said Worcester County Assistant District Attorney John Bradley.

The prosecution pointed to that information as proof that these babies were born alive. But, the defense says the clothing doesn’t prove anything.

“The fact that an infant is clothed is not in and of itself proof that the infant was born alive. I can easily conceive of someone suffering a still birth deciding to put some sort of clothing on a child,” said Defense Attorney Keith Halpern.

The medical examiner has not yet ruled on a cause or manner of death.

In addition to the infant remains, we are also learning new information about the four children living in that home.

Prosecutors say the two older kids ages 10 and 13 were told to lie to their father, Ray Rivera, about the younger children ages 3 and 5 months. Rivera was living in the basement and claims he had no knowledge of them. All of those kids are now in state custody.

Rivera was also in court Tuesday on marijuana charges. As of now he is not facing any charges in connection with the infant’s remains.

Murray was held on $1 million bail.

The filthy house they were living in is scheduled to be torn down next week.

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