Prosecutors say fingerprints of man appearing in Scottish court match that of former RI man who faked his own death

This is a file image of Nicholas Alahverdian.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND (WLNE) — A Rhode Island man who authorities say faked his own death to elude felony rape charges out of Utah is now one step closer to extradition back to the states.

According to the Utah County Attorney David Leavitt, a fingerprints from a man claiming to be Arthur Knight match that of Nicholas Alahverdian, who previously lived in Rhode Island.

Alahverdian, who also uses the names Arthur Knight and Nicholas Rossi, was arrested Tuesday in Scotland for threatening hospital staff in Glasgow.

Alahverdian is also facing the extradition process in Edinburgh for rape charges out of Utah while he was using the name Nicholas Rossi in 2008.

During the court proceedings Thursday, prosecutors said Alahverdian is faking his medical issues and a judge denied him bail.

Leavitt said the extradition proceedings have been rescheduled but said this is a great day as they knew the man claiming to be Knight is the man wanted in their rape case.

“This is a great day and I express appreciation to my chief deputy, Sandi Johnson, for the fine work to identify this individual and work with the State Bureau of Investigations, Department of Justice, and Interpol to identify and seek justice,” said Leavitt.

Alahverdian was known as a child welfare advocate during his time in Rhode Island.

Prior to an obituary announcing his “death” in 2020, he told several news outlets and publicly announced he was dying from non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

In January of this year, Rhode Island state police announced Alahverdian, who took on the name Arthur Knight was found alive in Scotland.

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