Prosperity Park ordinance to prevent crime

By Dana Griffin


ATTLEBORO, MA- A small park in Attleboro has earned a bad reputation as an after-dark party spot. People living in the area are fed up with the crime and late night drinking. The city could soon take action.

Prosperity Park is nestled at the junction of Grant Street and Evergreen Road.

Kevin Hines lives in the neighborhood. He said, “Everybody cuts through. Kids on bikes, kids, citizens, everybody cuts through there.”

The park is a protected conservation area that leads to Demers Trucking Company.

“Well, it certainly is disturbing when you come in Monday morning and find that people have been working throughout the weekend, removing scrap from our yard,” said, Demers Trucking Inc. VP, Christopher Attles.

City Councilor, Walter Thibodeau adds, “And they're using this roadway too because it is so dark, as an access road area, even though they have to carry heavy stuff out of there in order to load it on a vehicle over here on the roadway.”

Thieves have also taken copper from underground receptors that help operate the high–speed rail used by Amtrak and MBTA.

“They take a chance on getting harmed when they do that,” said Thibodeau.

Thibodeau says this is also a safety issue because people unknowingly hurt themselves by trying to steal that copper.

If implemented, there will likely be two extra street lights, no parking signs, and people would only be allowed in the area from dawn until dusk.

“We absolutely support it,” said Attles.

Hines said, “That would be good putting up some more lights, and parking signs and stuff like that.”

Since Prosperity Park is city–owned, The Attleboro Police chief does have the ability to post temporary ‘no parking' signs until the ordinance is passed.

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