Protecting your personal information on Cyber Monday

By: News Staff


Reporting by: Melissa Randall

With Black Friday and Small Business Saturday now in the rear view mirror, the holiday shopping traffic is heading on–line. But customers aren’t the only ones surfing the web. Hackers, too, are at the ready this holiday season, looking to take advantage of the extra web based traffic.

“It is safe for people to shop online, but what people need to take into regard is—when you shop online don’t do it from a free wi-fi source. Don’t do it from the coffee shop. Don’t do it from an open wi-fi place that’s open and accessible and everyone is using the same wi-fi,” said Anthony Chavis of Johnston and Wales School of Engineering and Design.

The safest spot may actually be right in the comfort of your own home. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any precautions. Chavis says it’s a good idea for shoppers to look for the https and a lock symbol in the top left hand corner. That symbolizes that you’re in fact on a secure connection. You’ll also want to double check that you’re looking at a legitimate website.

“Make sure you typed them in and you weren’t redirected there. And always double check your address bar. Because just because you were redirected there and it looks like Amazon it could be Amozon spelled differently,” he explained.

Once you make your purchase it gets processed and shipped. Unfortunately, many of those packages are stolen right off people door steps. There are also some gadgets on the market that will help you stop those porch thieves right in their tracks.

The "Ring" video doorbell sends an alert right to your mobile device when its motion sensors are triggered. That gives you the opportunity to see and speak to who ever is there.

Other ways to ensure a headache free delivery include making friends with neighbors and having them check on your package. Require a signature so that you have to be there when the package arrives. Or insure valuable items so that if the parcel goes missing you’re still covered.

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