Protesters confront police on second night of unrest, 9 arrested

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)– Protesters returned to the streets of Providence for a second night, marching down Broad Street and Elmwood Avenue before confronting police at the Cranston line.

Numbering nearly fifty, protesters marched through the South Elmwood and Elmwood neighborhoods, before arriving at Broad Street.

Protesters stood before a police substation on Broad Street, chanting “Quit your job!” along with profanity laced slogans.

The march continued to Elmwood Avenue, grouping briefly in front of the Knight Memorial Library, where a larger rally had been held yesterday before a march that ultimately ended in a violent confrontation between police and protesters, and saw 21 arrests.

The march continued down Elmwood Avenue, where protesters confronted Cranston police, who had blocked the road into the town.

The stand-off occurred in the area where Jhamal Gonsalves was injured in a police-involved moped accident on Sunday, the event that had set off protests in the city.

Rhode Island State Police approached from the north, joining Cranston police near Park Avenue.

The confrontation has grown intense at times, with protesters launching projectiles at police, and the police appearing to deploy pepper spray or another chemical agent.

Cranston police made two arrests, one of them a juvenile.

Providence police made took seven into custody, and they are expected to be arraigned at Providence District Court on Thursday.

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