Protesters return for second night outside child molester’s home

Residents in the Washington Park section of Providence took to the streets again on Thursday, sending an obvious message they do not want their child rapist neighbor to settle down there.

It was the second night in a row that at least 80 people swarmed in front of Richard Gardner’s house after a heated community meeting spilled onto the streets the night before.

Part of the community’s ‘get-out’ plan for Richard Gardner involves an organized schedule of protest outside his home.

Angry residents are unifying as they’re disgusted Gardner was able to move in at all.

“Until he gets out of here I’ll be here all night and day until he leaves,” said Washington Park resident Delfina Coelho. “My kids usually come outside ride their bikes after school, and they like to play with their friends from school. Now they can’t do that because I’m afraid he’s watching my kids.”

Lisa Scorpio was one protester outside Gardner’s home who is held gathering signatures and setting up schedules to post people outside the Washington Park home at least three times a day.

“Right now it’s just six o’clock every night. We’re going to set up a schedule. Some people might be here at ten in the morning, some people might be here at two in the afternoon,” she said. “If we aggravate the owner of this house, the people that live in this house long enough, they’re going to kick him out.”

The protest remained peaceful, although police said one drunk man tried hopping the fence, and was grabbed by police. He was not arrested.

Councilor Luis Aponte introduced legislation that would prohibit sex offenders from being within 500 feet of schools or daycares.

Right now, Gardner cannot be within 300 feet of schools, but there is no distance requirement for daycares.

Aponte’s legislation now heads to the Ordinance Committee.