Protestors call for drone regulation in Warwick

By Kirsten Glavin


Protestors were up in arms on Saturday with the opening of a brand new drone store in Warwick.  It’s the first store of its kind in Rhode Island.

"It’s a shame we already have a dedicated drone store opening where people are going to be able to buy and use drones with absolutely no regulation,” said protestor, Randall Rose.  

Surprisingly, the group said they have no problem with drones.  They said their issue is lack of drone regulation.  They are pushing politicians to pass drone laws to protect people’s quality of life.
"In order to protect our quality of life there should be some sensible ground rules and that still hasn’t happened, even after years of asking the general assembly to act on it,” added Rose.

Topping the list of concerns were privacy, safety, and weaponization.

Christopher Williams, the owner of Cloud City Drones, said privacy shouldn’t be a concern.
His drones are loud.

"We’ve got four rotors so it sounds like a weed whacker outside your window,” said Williams.

They’re also easy to spot.

"It has blinking lights all over the place so there’s no way you don’t know it’s there."

And there’s no telefocal feature.

"I can’t zoom in with these drones,” he said.

Certain software also assists with finding safe places to fly.

But even with safety features, protestors argued new laws will help ensure no one has their head in the clouds, about what is allowed off the ground.