Providence bookstore and bar selling books online to stay afloat

PROVDIENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – A local bookstore is turning to online sales to stay afloat during this pandemic.

Before the coronavirus, RiffRaff Bookstore and Bar in Providence sold both beer and books.

Giving people the opportunity to have a beer while reading a book.

Obviously right now the bar is closed, but the store owner says they are still seeing decent business by selling books online.

Emma Ramadan, Co-Owner of RiffRaff said, “We’re very much a brick and mortar space before the pandemic. We love having people in, come to look at books and stay for a drink or a coffee, or vice versa, maybe they come to the bookstore, came to have a drink and ended up browsing books anyway. So our space was very much a book store and a bar.”

Tom Roberge, Co-Owner of RiffRaff added, “For the most part people have been truly patient and understand and just happy to support us and they understand, everyone understands what’s going on.”

The store is also offering curbside pickup for books starting this weekend.

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