Providence Canteen responds to deadly Boston fire

By Mike LaCrosse

Volunteers with the Providence Canteen spent nearly 10 hours in Boston Wednesday night helping to feed and provide drinks to the crews fighting a 9 alarm fire on Beacon Street.  The fire claimed the lives of two Boston firefighters.

“They make the ultimate sacrifice,” said Paul O'Rourke, Providence Canteen.

“There [are] no words to express it for myself.  You know those fine men in Boston last night,” said Bill Howe, Providence Canteen.

They provided cold cuts, soups along with hot and cold drinks.

“It was a sad thing, very sad.  Guys that came and got their drinks or sandwich and you know talked about the two guys,” said O'Rourke.

“They still had a lot of fire showing when we were there.  They had to go about their jobs and stuff like that,” said Howe.

The Providence Canteen responds to about 500 emergencies each year.  They are run completely by volunteers and rely on donations from the community.

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