Providence City Council passes ATV task force resolution

By: News Staff


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The Providence City Council voted unanimously to create a task force to help crack down on bikes being driven illegally in the city.

The task force will establish a tip line to help police identify where ATVs are coming from.

In fact, back in May the council approved a measure that allowed police to destroy and confiscate all illegal ATVs. $300,000 has been set aside in the current budget to support its creation.

“We need a comprehensive plan. We need a tip line. Focused effort just everyone essentially understanding the problem. Recognizing the problem and working together to solve the problem and we think that the task force makes perfect sense,” said Ward 5 Councilwoman, Jo-Ann Ryan.

The city of Providence has seen a big increase in the number of ATVs and dirt bikes driven illegally in the city and in parks.

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