Providence City Councilor says he was the target of “acts of intimidation and violence”

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Providence City Councilor John Igliozzi says he and his family were targeted with acts of intimidation and violence by vandals demanding he defund and abolish the Providence Police Department.

Igliozzi is the Councilman of Ward 7, as well as the Chairman of the Committee on Finance.

He released a statement on Sunday describing the acts of intimidation:

“This individual(s) graffitied my property and also spiked the tires of both my son’s and my car. While the graffiti can be washed away, the spikes embedded in our tires could’ve caused serious bodily harm, or even worse.”
Igliozzi said this was not a political statement adherent to the spirit of the first amendment. He said it was an act of intimidation and censure by threat.
“Engaging in this type of behavior that is meant to cause fear of bodily injury or of life is not something that I will ever condone,” Igliozzi wrote in a statement.
Over the past few weeks, Igliozzi has called on members of the General Assembly to repeal the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights.
“I have been working with my colleagues to create a social service crisis intervention unit within our City. This type of program would create a network of social service responders where individuals in crisis can get the help that they need without the use of an armed police response,” said Igliozzi.
He went on to say the vandals who committed these acts are not representative of the community members who have gone before the City Council and asked for reform of the police department.
Just last month, the committee listened to 8+ hours of testimony from residents calling on the council to defund the police.
“I will continue to listen and learn from these and other members of our community and work to help initiate positive reforms that will continue to make the Providence Police Department the best department in the nation,” said Igliozzi.
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