Providence Club Shut Down After Easter Stabbings

A Providence night club is shut down Sunday in an emergency session of the licensing board, after six people were stabbed overnight. But that's not all, two other incidents this weekend also had police busy.

Six people were stabbed, seven arrested. Providence police were forced to call every cruiser in the city to “Level II” nightclub just after two-thirty this Easter morning.

A bouncer came downstairs and told police there was a large brawl on the second floor of the club. Officers said when they went inside, they saw about a dozen people going from room to room fighting.

Across the street, 200 people were fighting in the 6th District Court parking lot. It didn't stop there, there were fights in the middle of the street and in the entrance to the club.  All seven people arrested for the stabbings at “Level II” were from Massachusetts.

Two other incidents added to the officers' busy Easter morning. Around midnight, police said a 40-year old man was shot at “Snubs” nightclub in an attempted robbery.

And an hour or so later, officers told us a fight broke out at a birthday party at the “Hilton Hotel” downtown. Two people were stabbed there. Police said in both those incidents everyone's expected to be okay and they still haven't made any arrests.

This isn't the first time the “Level II” nightclub has been shut down. One year ago, last Easter morning there was a shooting there. It re-opened last May.