Coffee Shop Employee Accused of Videotaping Customers in Bathroom

               An employee of a popular Providence coffee shop is accused of using a hidden camera to videotape customers in the bathroom.

               Like many college students, 21-year-old Courtney Mitchell goes to the Coffee Exchange Company on Wickendon street at least once a week. She told ABC6 what she found in the bathroom made her sick. She's used the unisex bathroom many times and the last time, a camera fell from under the sink.

               Mitchell says, “I just felt really nauseas I guess. I turned it on and the first thing I see is the man who works here setting it up. I recognized him, he walks out and a girl walks in and yeah you can see everything.”

               The man Mitchell recognized was 42-year-old Tony Roberts. He's been arrested and charged with voyeurism. The owner of the Coffee Exchange Company, Charles Fishbein, says Roberts had worked for him for years.

               Fishbein said, “we were shocked and horrified.”

               He said he never imagined Roberts was capable of such an act, victimizing people of all ages.

                “Little kids, men, women, his coworkers, ” is who Mitchell says she saw on the video camera.

                 She says finding the camera, really makes her think twice, about a lot of things.

               “It's just disturbing because he just like looks like a normal person, so it kind of makes you wonder about people and their secrets and what you don't know about them,” she said.

                 Roberts was arrested and charged with the felony. He was released under the condition he will not go back to the coffee shop. Two victims have been identified, but police say there could be more. The recordings were off and on starting on November 18th until December 2nd.

                 Roberts is due back in court at the beginning of February for a pre-arraignment.