No Bail For Providence Couple Charged With Teen’s Death

A body found in a backyard in Providence earlier this week has now been positively identified as Joseph Webster. The autistic 19-year-old from Worcester has been missing for three weeks. 

James Howze, 19, and Lara Cori, 22, both pleaded not guilty to murder charges in Westborough District Court today. Police say surveillance video shows they were the last people seen with Joseph Webster before his body was found in a storage container. 

“I can't put it into words how much it hurts. I don't know what else to say,” Emily, a family friend of the Webster's said.

Emotion consumed them after coming face to face with the Providence couple charged with killing their loved one. Webster's mother and father held hands in the courtroom as they watched Howze and Cori plead not guilty to murdering their son.

Police say surveillance video shows the three of them walking into the Motel 6 in Northborough. Webster never comes out. Witnesses have also come forward saying Howze told them he poked, which officers say is another word for stabbed, a man who robbed Cori.

Their defense attorneys say they're innocent, but the District Attorney says the details will come out as this case is tried. He believes they have the real killers. In the meantime, friends and family just want to know why.

“I just wonder why this world is turning into such a hateful, violent world,” Emily said. “People just kill each other at the drop of a hat.”

Police are still searching for Webster's car and any possible motive.